mini-Preneur launched in 2015 by two entrepreneurial fathers, Apurva and Nik, as an after school  and summer program that effectively guides 8-13 year olds to launch their own real businesses – utilizing their own ideas, hobbies and interests. mini-Preneur is the only curriculum designed to augment the public and private school system with a focus on developing the innate and natural skill set that kids are born with. mini-Preneur enters the marketplace with the first 360 curriculum – the only program that enables middle schooler students to develop a back-end business plan, obtain financing and soft launch a fully functioning business within the course of the program.


mini-Preneur is a progressive enrichment program that brings kids’ imaginations and natural skill sets to life. What makes mini-Preneur incredibly unique is i) the group-work based ‘fundamentals curriculum’ designed to develop business knowledge through team work; ii) the industry experts or mini-Preneur coaches that guide (vs teach) and encourage students to take educated risks and reinforcing skill sets already inherent in kids at this age and iii) the incorporation of a social mission as the foundation of every new business idea. Through the mini-Preneur course, students are faced with various tasks to keep them motivated, creatively challenged and technologically ahead of the curve. The result is a major boost in confidence as students find and develop their own strengths and styles. “It’s amazing to see how students who are shy or unsure of what they are doing come out of their shells and turn in to budding entrepreneurs full of unique and inspiring ideas. Not every student is going to be an entrepreneur but every student gets to experience every aspect of a business, from budgeting to marketing and sales and walks away learning they are capable of so much more than when they started.” said Nik Ruparel, co- founder and co-chief everything officer, mini-Preneur.

Thoughts from a few of our own mini-preneurs:

My experience in Mini-Preneur was interesting. There were many surprises along the way. For example, help I never knew I could make a real life business.  This was more realistic than I expected it to be which is a good thing. Making a business was very fun. I got to experience the real world and what to expect when I actually have a business. It was very surprising that just a club could turn into an actual business. Overall, treat this experience was quite fun and I met new people.” – Andrea


This club has changed me to express my ideas and  become a well organized person. At first the club was of no interest to me, but as I started to create my own business with a partner the process became really fun and I realized I was in the right place. First we made an amazing business called Shell Force. I remember the first name we picked for our cover of backpacks. This was our project and it was amazing. Then me and my partner we deciding on a name and it was very tough. There was shell pack, then shield force, then we finalized on a name called shell force. there was many struggles but we got through. It was an amazing experience .Once we met the investors and when we preparing for the festival. We got to see what people would say and give better criticism. Once we finished the festival we were better than ever. This made our product even better. This club made me a better person with more confidence and perseverance. Thank you guys and join the club!” – Yours truly Frank


My experience at Minipreneur has so far been amazing. You get to build a business from the ground, with no limits. You can do whatever you want, if you can make it work. The teachers provide guidelines so you follow the right path, but the rest is up to you… If you join, Have Fun! Also, it’s a fun way to earn some money. :D” – Dylan

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