8-13 yrs old?


We guide our mini-Preneurs to incorporate social missions into everything they do – already inherent in how they see themselves as a part of their community

In a world being overtaken by social media, we guide our mini-Preneurs to do what is already natural – value multiple perspectives and lead the charge forward as a team

It sounds obvious, but it’s what we do. We take old world ideas and add a tech twist teaching our mini-Preneurs that not every idea needs to be a new idea, just a better one

For any team to be successful they need to think both big and small, an almost impossible task. Or is it? We work with our mini-preneurs to start with their community but to always consider their impact globally

Dare to dream and bring your ideas to life by learning the fundamentals of starting your own business. miniPreneur creatively introduces basic business concepts by guiding students through the exciting and ‘real-life’ process of creating, developing, building, funding and ultimately launching a business.


Parents… Do your kids have amazing ideas? Are they always coming up with new ways to make money or looking to give back? Do they have the passion and drive but just need a little bit of direction to make it happen? Then join us at miniPreneur so they can launch their own business.

miniPreneurs create success!

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